Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trust the Process

All-nighters are clearly the way to start any trip. They make you make blogs. At least Fleet Foxes have provided good company.

Much ice cream, soccer field lounging, and many Atkins' Gravenstein apples later, the send-off week at Hampshire has finished. Goodbyes have been said, promises to keep in touch have been made, and life goes on. To Scotland.

Typically, I would stay away from anything close to the resemblance of a blog. I've never been a blogger, nor have I always understood their purposes. It wasn't until I started researching this trip that I found blogs to actually be very interesting sources of first-person information. I hope to include as much information that is useful to the future traveler as possible in these posts. Also included will be general thoughts and musings while living and travelling across the pond.

I suppose I'm going to attempt to keep this blog going throughout the semester. I'll also try to not make it too terribly boring. While this is not an excuse to not talk to anyone while abroad, it is a way in which I hope a connection can help be maintained. To all whom I missed seeing before leaving, I sincerely apologize. It was extremely difficult to have quality time with everyone, so I hope it is not taken personally; everyone will really be missed dearly. I cannot stress enough how much it kills me to not have had enough time, but connections that are meant to be maintained will be as they are supposed to. Trust the process.

Upfront, I will apologize for rambling sentences, occasional incorrect grammar, and generally bad writing that will likely pop out all over the place. I will try my hardest to make this an easy reading experience for all, however, I will make no such promises to that effect. At a certain point you may even wonder if I have ever learned the English language. Ignoring it may be your best bet as opposed to physically tearing your hair out.

Pictures will likely be some of the main posts that happen. I've been having fun figuring out the settings on my camera, so watch out for the skills I will have with this camera. Too much fun.

To those who read this, I would like it to be known that along with family and friend visits prior to my week at Hampshire, the people with whom I interacted at Hampshire over this past week have been the greatest trip-preppers anyone could ever ask for. The Hampshire Women's soccer team has provided an immense amount of support and smiles that have made me feel much better and positive about leaving a home and a people behind for a few months. Also wonderful was that Josiah was nice enough to allow some of us to help move new students into their rooms; there's something about orientation that get's to ya. I am now especially more excited to move in to a new place for a while. In this time of new-ness and fresh starts, I've been getting increasingly excited to take this trip. Again, thank you to all of the buddies who have been around Hamp this week; I owe a lot of my future smiles to you all.

Here are some of the favorites from this week.
Rt. 116 sanctuary

The necessities

Cookie Monster and Sally's Coffee Grounds with the cows

Ailey's Rocky Mountain substitutes

Maple Walnut at sunset

Gotta love 'em


  1. Book marked and looking forward to future posts!- Aunt Tami

  2. I would follow your blog to the ends of the Earth! Get lost my friend but find your way back please!