Sunday, September 2, 2012

Musings So Far

- Accents are funny. Especially Scottish accents.
- going pee for a child = wee wee
- something small = wee
- right hand turns in a car = left hand turn equivalent.
- when crossing the street, always. look. right. or, just look both ways like you're supposed to anyway.
- ridiculousness: having to signal with my right hand on my bike. As well as having to have them make my bike with the brakes on the proper sides (right hand, rear brake, left hand, front brake--not the opposite British way) so as to not flip head over heels when having to stop suddenly for the first time. Because that definitely would happen to me.
- fish & chips is one of the greasiest things I've ever eaten. Which is saying something, I think. The deep-fried Mars bar will be an experience. Likely to be a wonderful one.
- They sound kinda Canadian. (practicing a Scottish accent with that phrase in my head is strangely satisfying).
- Not everybody has red hair. Thank goodness?
- lots of dreadlocks?
- Too many adorable dogs to handle.
- Definitely lots of kilts.
- teuchter = Scottish hillbilly (from the highlands). Best word of the day.

I really enjoy writing these types of posts. They seem to most accurately describe the more interesting parts of the day, I think. So, they'll likely be a large load of what I put up. Just fyi. Apologies if they're simply obnoxious.

Also, please, someone, do let me know if I sound stupid beyond measure. Or even just a little bit stupid. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!


  1. MORE PICTURES! ha. This is fun to read, liss. please keep it up. I will imagine it in your faux Scottish accent.
    -- Patrick